Well, I did it. I started a blog. For what purpose I’m not entirely sure but anything that stops us going crazy right? Unless it all ends up as evidence and gets me carted off in a straight jacket…. rem… oh well, a hug is a hug even if it is straight jacket forced!  So who am I and what is my purpose here apart from boring everyone senseless?? Basically I want to empty my head and since I currently have people running for the hills instead of hanging onto my every word (the check of it) then I’m gonna purge here; unrestricted, unedited and completely if my own opinion.  I’m secretly opinionated  and partially judgemental despite hating these qualities in others so we should have quite a controversial ride if anyone bothers reading my insane rants.  Full disclosure, I’ll explain the title. Fat and sad basically sums me up. I have severe depression and I’m currently classed as obese. I don’t like either of these things. I intend to tackle both through this blog and share my good bad and ugly days at the risk that apart from giving me an outlet it may, just possibly help someone see that  others go through shit too. My life is boring but hey-ho, I’m not forcing any one to read.

That’s enough intro. Have a happy starkly starfish of a day!